Leading Waterjetting Technology up to... 3.500 bar!

Jet X4220

JET – X 4200 series has the compatibility of engine power up to 350hp with pressures from 550 bar and flow 238 lt/min up to 2800bar and flow 45 lt/min

Unijet waterjetting applications up to 2800 Bar

• Tubing and duct cleaning, root cutting
• Concrete redevelopment and removal
• Decoating of smooth and hard surfaces
• Removal of bitumen tar concrete ,Facade cleaning, color coat removal etc

 Technical Description


Model Jet X4220
Maximum working pressure 1400 bar
Maximum flow 82 lit/min
Engine Diesel / Electric
Engine performance 350 hp
Maximum pump RPM 514 rpm
Weight 3500kg
Dimension (l  w  h) m 3.50 x 2.50 x 2.00

Standard equipment
• 20 m high pressure hose
• High pressure gun
• High pressure lance
• Waterjetting set of tools
• Manual and book service

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