Leading Waterjetting Technology up to... 3.500 bar!

Jet X3015

JET –X 3000 series has the compatibility of engine power up to 150hp with pressures from 650 bar and flow 88 lt/min up to 2800bar and flow 19 lt/min.

Unijet waterjetting applications up to 1400 Bar
• Surface cleaning
• Descaling, burring and cast parts cleaning
• Oil and gas platform cleaning
• Ship and container cleaning
• Road and airstrip cleaning

 Technical Description


Model Jet X3015
Maximum working pressure 1000 bar
Maximum flow 56 lit/min
Engine Diesel / Electric
Engine performance 150 hp / 112kW
Maximum pump RPM 600 rpm
Weight 1800kg
Dimension (l  w  h) m 3.00 x 2.00 x 2.00
Standard equipment
• 20 m high pressure hose
• High pressure gun
• High pressure lance
• Waterjetting set of tools
• Manual and book service
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