Leading Waterjetting Technology up to... 3.500 bar!

Jet E500-18

Waterjetting unit with sandblasting and hot water compatibility up to 500 bar, driven by an electric motor for the Shipping, Industrial and Construction sector.

Unijet waterjetting applications up to 500 Bar:
• Deep cleaning of buildings, Construction equipment and machinery washing, paint, and concrete removal,
• Scaffolding cleaning, removal of concrete, old paint and plaster, silo, mortal pumps, concrete pipe
• Cleaning, rock and marble cleaning, Sidewalk cleaning (removal of chewing gum with hot water),
• Old paint and plaster removal (adjustable sandblasting), Graffiti removal (adjustable sandblasting)
• Metal molding (hot water), metal machinery painting preparation, roof cleaning, tree peeling, etc

 Technical Description

Model Jet E500-18
Maximum working pressure 500 bar
Maximum flow 18 lit/min
Engine Electric 400/3
Engine performance 24 hp/18kW
Maximum pump RPM 1450 rpm
Weight 250kg
Dimension (l  w  h) cm 120 x 88 x 83
Standard equipment
• 10m high pressure hose
• High pressure gun
• High pressure lance
• Waterjetting nozzle flat jet
• Manual and book service

2 YEAR WARRANTEE for unlimited use

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