Leading Waterjetting Technology up to... 3.500 bar!


Unijet is an innovative company which offers sophisticated products for innumerable areas of applications such as construction, industry and shipping sector for all cleaning purposes. The company designs and manufactures professional high pressure water jetting systems from 200 bar to 3.500 bar.

Unijet water jetting systems are manufactured and produced with the latest technology and designs as well as the highest industrial standards. With more than 45 models, company has an important presence across Europe and the Middle East and constantly empowers the distributors’ network world widely. 

Unijet is a European company, committed to quality with continuous policy to achieve a maximum Quality. Health, safety and environmental performance.

When confronted the most difficult work conditions, Unijet water jetting systems can be the No. 1 choice!


General description

Water jetting or water blasting are terms commonly used when describing water as the tool to do surface preparation. The use of water is a technique for cleaning surfaces, which relies solely on the energy and force of water striking a surface to achieve its cleaning effect.


Unijet water jetting application

The applications of Unijet water jetting systems are practically endless. The main concept is cleaning and surface preparation for further process (coating, restoration etc…)

Water jetting can be applied in every area of productive activity such as Industry, Shipping and Construction.

Water jetting is by far the most environmental friendly method.

No need for compressed air (no investment for air compressors, no energy waste).

Water is much easier to9 be found, cheaper and much easier to be administrated.

Removal of foreign elements:

The use of water has the advantage of removing oil and grease from the surface along with salt deposits. The system uses a set of jetting water pressure to remove dirt, coating and difficult stains from a surface. It’s fast, efficient, safe, eco-friendly environment.

It is ideal for cleaning food processing industries, soft drinks and beverages, manufacturing medicinal plants and other industries that require cleaning without chemicals.

The cleaning jetting differs from conventional cleaning methods that can be used in coatings and very hard to remove without being etched or eroded the underlying surface.

The kind of job that can be performed by a water jetting machine depends on its working pressure and the flow rate it delivers.


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